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The Navprerna Initiative: Children hold hands with Children!

Navprerna is a simple idea that has taken root and flowered in the last 10 years, and we believe has changed the lives of many children.

In the year 2002 students of the Social Service Club of Navrachana School decided to engage with the children from nearby hutment colonies by inviting them to the School every Thursday. It was an exercise in empathy and sharing, to eat a snack together, share stories, discuss hygiene, improve literacy and such like; very soon the members of the club realized that coming to Navrachana once a week was the highlight in the lives of these children.

Could they come more often? Could they come every day? Empathy has its way of finding solutions. During the interaction with the School Management one of the Navrachana students spontaneously remarked- “Maam, most of our visiting friends cannot write beyond their names in Gujarati, can they not come to Navrachana every day and learn like we do”.

The result was Navprerna. It was started, with funding from Navrachana Education Society and academic and infrastructural support from Navrachana School- Sama on Children’s Day, November 14, 2002.
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